Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Very cute food @Moosoo Sushi

Today's post will be "a lot a lot of pictures and not so many words" =) Moosoo Sushi is a tiny little japanese fusion restaurant. The restaurant has a great variety of creative maki rolls. I went there with my boyfriend someday this summer. There was a poster on the window about their happy hour special: every plate on the happy hour menu for 3$ and for every 7 plates you order, you get 1 for free. Notice that the plates are of small small portions, but overall they are very cute. The concept is similar to an izakaya but the size and environment remind me more of a Sushi Shop.

You can also buy some little snacks, bubble tea powder, tea, and little decorations as well in the restaurant.
It was at Moosoo Sushi that I had Ramune, a japanese carbonated drink, for the first time! My boyfriend chose honeydew for me. I would say that it was more fun learning to open it than to drink it hahahah
Push the ball!
See the ball?

We also had tea. Cute little teapots and tea cups.
Here start all the little plates we had! I can't remember all the names and what we exactly ordered.. so enjoy the pictures =)

This salmon ball sushi must be the cutest sushi I've had!
Some maki.
I find Moosoo Sushi put a lot of sauce in all their maki.

Dumplings were deep fried which I am not a big fan
but the sauce that comes with the dumplings looks delicious d=
Mango goberge salad. It was not as tasty and refreshing as I thought.
Perhaps sushi pizza. A lot of sauce again.
Very bad takoyaki.
Some creative roll. Reading the ingredients made me believe it would be good, but I think the combination was not very..successful! From what I remember, the special ingredients (in sushi) include sriracha spicy sauce and cheese.
Spicy rice cake. This was simple, yet delicious. The owner told me that all the sauces they use are homemade. I really loved the sauce, but overall it was still a little toooo spicy.
Unagi (eel) rice. Very small bowl. So cute.
I was uploading the pictures from my camera to my computer this morning and I found out that I put Moosoo Sushi in my "never again" folder. I looked at the pictures. Although the food was not as good as I think they should be, the overall experience was still very fun. It is true that some plates were better to look at than to actually eat heheheh The presentation of the plates was very very cute! If you want to go to try it out, I highly recommend their Happy Hour Special. The menu offers a relatively big variety of dish and since the food comes in small cute portions, you get to try more different dishes. So finally, I decided that Moosoo Sushi still deserved to be posted here d=


  1. OH WOW! for $3, it looks like a really good deal especially since the presentation looks so nice. Man.. even though it does look a tad bit still makes me drool.. I'm hungry again : P

    That was a really interesting post <3 thanks miss. k!

  2. The presentation is definitely wonderful and the rice cakes look delicious. You took really nice clear pictures, I'm hungry already. Truly a feast for the eyes as they are for the palates :)

  3. This is such a good deal lor! It makes me want to eat again even though I just ate! HAHAHAHA love the salmon ball sushi <3333