Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorites@ Hyang Jin

Hi everyone!

I am right now studying for my finals, and I am s-t-r-e-s-s-i-n-g OUT! To try to calm down myself, I want to write a short post, about my favourite food at Hyang Jin, a restaurant I presented to all of you a few days ago.

This is my favourite dish, called Hwe Dup Bap. It is a common Korean dish, and the concept is very similar to Kazu's Salmon & Tuna Bowl. The biggest difference to me is that Salmon & Tuna Bowl tastes a lot milder. If I really have to pick between the 2, I think I will go for the Hwe Dup Bap. The presentation of the dish makes u salivate does it?
The sauce used for Hwe Dup Bap is a spicy and a little sweet red chili paste. It looks very much like the sauce for Bibimbap, but I believe there is a difference as Hyang Jin always has one bottle for Bibimbap and another one for Hwe Dup Bap.

The rice in the bottom is garnished with a lot of salad lettuce, and then you find a mountain of sashimi cut into cubes. Hyang Jin uses salmon, tuna, red snapper, tamago ( I love the sweet taste of tamago), and caviar. With the thinly cut cabbage and seaweed, this Hwe Dup Bap is wonderfully colourful!
I also love the lettuce and cucumber's "crunchiness", the tamago's sweetness, the sauce's spiciness. And the rice makes you really full. The price is reasonable. For 15$, you get this beautiful bowl. Compared to a plate of sashimi that is double this price if you want to be full, I believe Hwe Dup Bap is an excellent alternative for sashimi lovers like me!
Final step is simply mix everything and enjoy! =)
Another of my must-have at Hyang Jin is their uni sushi. Since it is a small restaurant, I would think that not many people will order expensive sushi like sea urchin, so most probably their sea urchin might not be as delicious as Raku's or other big restaurants. This was my guess, and I am glad I still took a chance to try it, because this was SUCCULENT! yummmmmy

This is it for tonight. I will go back to study mode....but after reminding myself of these yummies, I am happier d= and looking forward to go have more of these yummies with my friends....after the finals!

Good luck for your exams everyone!


  1. omg Miss K, Reading this post made me drool :P I am so hungry now... LOLLL >__< Good luck on your exams Miss K, you can do it! and after exams,I look forward to more food/nails/beauty posts : ) hehe

  2. You know, I came to this blog because of the nail posts, but the more I read the more I want to go to Montreal and visit all the fab restaurants!

  3. Thank you mingowrites and sparris =)
    and yes, my hobbies and interests are mainly nails and food d=