Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fuyu, Combo for 4 @Hyang Jin

Hi all!

This is a Hyang Jin post again! It is really a cozy place. Since this semester has officially ended for my friends and me, we couldn't wait to go out and finally enjoy our well-deserved happy time and a good feast! The food I present today is nothing very new, but I am just excited to blog about it because I had a lot of fun just talking and eating with my beloved friends =)

We decided to go to Hyang Jin because my friends found my pictures in the blog very attractive d= Since we were 4, we opted for Fuyu (winter), a combo for 4. The combo is very similar to Aki, the combo for 2, but this one is of course, in bigger portion.

We started with some very delicious side dish. It was soooo good we asked the waitress to refill them 3 times!
A gigantic and colourful sashimi platter. My favorite! =)
8 pieces of nigiry, 8 pieces of small salmon maki, and 6 pieces of bigger maki. I really liked the big maki, especially with a piece of salmon sashimi on top! yummmmmmy... and how can you resist to the nigiri? Presentation is so wonderful =)
A very big plate of tempura.
Up to now, everything is the same as the Aki combo for 2. Now, a little big of difference d=
In addition to the sashimi, sushi, tempura, you get to choose a soup. There were 3 choices: spicy fish soup, spicy tofu soup or a soup udon. All of us 4 chose the soup udon. It was very simple, udon noodles were served in a dashi stock, with some fish cakes, some tempura flakes and green onion. It is not very fancy but enough to say that it was delicious. I love soup noodles, especially udon. More precisely, this type of udon. The "square" one, with a gelatinous texture, is what I call the "real udon"! heheheh
We also had beef teriyaki served on a hot plate, but I forgot to take a picture.. For this Fuyu combo, you have the choice to change it for an eel teriyaki for 16$.

In the end, we also had green tea ice cream.

Hyang Jin
5332 Chemin Queen Mary,
Montreal, Qc,
(514) 482-0645


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    from Turkey friend

  2. Miss K,

    MHMMM!!! Just looking at your blog always makes me drool : P

    Looks delicious! You have really great picture taking skills too.

    Thank you for another wonderful post ^_^