Monday, October 26, 2009

Chrome Nail Makeup

I've been so busy!! Midterm is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways.. a few weeks ago, I went to Sears and found some gems!! They had this little nail polish counter and there they were: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup. As the name says, they are nail polishes that dry to a chrome finish. These are super cool, but unfortunately, they are discontinued. I bought 2, for $5.99 each.

This first one I got as an 'extra' in a swap with a lovely lady. I didn't know what it was at first, but after a few searches, I found out that they were not selling these anymore.
This is Peach Crystal, 3 coats with top coat:
Peach Crystal wasn't great. I had a hard time with application (which you can probably see in the picture). Otherwise, I like the color, although I don't see any "peach" in there. It's basically white gold-ish.

Next, is Turquoise. Application for this one was good, smoother than the previous one. Like for Peach Crystal, I don't think that the color really reflects the name. This is NOT turquoise. IT'S BLUE! Anyhow, I love this one. Blue+chrome finish=gorgeous!

Last one is called White Gold. It is very similar to Peach Crystal, but you can still see a bit of gold color in there. Application for this one was also good and the finish is quite nice.
Can you say good buy?! I really love these and I especially love the fact that they're discontinued. Mouhahaha. They had a red one but it didn't appeal to me so I passed.
I guess I'll have to shop at Sears more often now :)

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