Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Giddy

This polish deserves the award for the worst formula ever!!! (in my stash, anyways)
It was goopy, it was runny yet thick and very hard to control!
and on top of that, a bad top coat!! gaaarrgghhh. I tried this on Tuesday night and took it off Wednesday morning.

Giddy: a pastel powder blue creme. The color is not very exciting. It's almost white with a little hint of blue. I didn't bother Konading or even with cleanup because I knew I had to take it off the next morning...

As for the top coat, I used Essie Good to Go fast drying top coat and there were lots of shrinkage and bubbles! I think my bottle thickened a bit, so that would explain why it was so hard to apply properly. You can clearly see on shrinkage the tips of my fingers.

You can get Diamond Cosmetics here for only $2.00 (USD) a bottle!

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