Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Cyber

Another purple!! Yay!

The color here is not very accurate, since it's so hard to capture purple correctly, but it's the most true-to-life I could get.

Released this summer, I believe, from their HD line, this is Cyber, a nice purple shimmer.

It's definitely summery! It's very vivid and I consider it a "happy purple".

Application was nice, the only complaint I have here is the brush... It's not the brush itself but the length of the plastic stem (I know I don't have to right word here but I can't find the right one to use). The distance from the handle to the brush was way too long for me. I'm not used to such a long brush....


  1. Gorgeous purple. I bought that when it first came out. I'm still trying to find the newest collection. Looks fantastic on you.