Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OPI Can You Tapas This?

This was yesterday's mani! I had my marketing presentation and had forgotten to change my nail color (it was green) so I had to wake up early to do it! Haha my parents definitely thought I was crazy!

Anyways, I chose OPI Can You Tapas This?, from the Spain Collection, released for Fall.

Beautiful red-brown creme. This color definitely screams "fall" to me! I really like this one! The formula on this one was thinner than most of the OPI I have, but it was still pretty good. Pictured was 3 coats, although it could easily have been 2.

So I'm finally done with my Marketing presentation/product development! Hooray! No more group meetings!! As much as I love my teammates, seeing them everyday for 3-4 hours straight was just too much for me :) Hopefully we'll get a good grade!

Have a great day!


  1. That is a really pretty color on you!

  2. Beautiful shade of polish. I definitely have to get this one. It's been awhile since I've sen it. So it looks even nicer. Very pretty on you.

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