Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BioGel manucure for 35$

Teambuy offers BioGel manicure service for 35$!

I am not certain of what BioGel is exactly, but I will try it very soon (hopefully). From what I have understood, BioGel is a type of artificial nails, but it is not a fake nail stick on your real one. It is so far the best artificial nail treatment you can find on the market. Since it is Bio, it does not harm our nails and it lasts longer than acrylic and the regular gel. Once I get my BioGel nails, I will review more about it.

Today, you can purchase a BioGel manicure service for 35$ from Teambuy and you enjoy a BioGel treatment (worth 140$) at Ongles DX. Notice that the 35$ does not include taxes and tips. Usually, you get taxed on the 35$ but they expect tips on the 140$. This treatment includes a choice of colour or French manicure or 2 designs on 2 fingers. I believe appointment is necessary, but don't forget to look at the expiry date.

For more information, visit

You have about 12 hours to think about it!

**Remember to check the location of Ongles DX before buying it in case it is too far for you! =)

Miss K

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