Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lunch @Kazu


I think it's time for me to post about Kazu, a famous Izakaya in Montreal. This little gem is quite new and it is worth mentioning that people are willing to line up (even when it is verrrrrrry cold) to enjoy the delights from this place.

If you don't want to wait for too long, I suggest you go there for lunch. The restaurant opens at 12pm, so try to get there by 11:50, and you will avoid the long waiting time of 30 minutes! Although the lunch menu contains only a few choices, but trust me, you will still be satisfied with the food =)

A few days ago, I went to Kazu for lunch with 2 friends I haven't seen for soo long!! We had some good time, but also some yummy food! You will notice that although Kazu is a japanese izakaya, the presentation of the food seems to be very westernized.

This is calcium salmon. It is a paste with I don't know what sauce and spices, and you serve it with the warm tortilla.

This course is like the calcium salmon, but instead of using fish, the chef used pork cheeks. The sauce used in pork cheeks is different, which is amazing because you don't feel like eating two same dishes. They are both apetizing. The taste of the calcium salmon is more light, I believe it's because it is more "oily" whereas the pork cheeks has a saltier sauce.

We all ordered a main dish, so we could choose between a soup or a salad. That day, Kazu offered a ginger soup. I chose the soup for it is more special and ginger contains some nutriments for keep fit heheheh The taste of ginger was not too strong, just enough, so very easy to accept, even for those who are not a ginger fan.
If you can't bear the taste of ginger, you could still pick the salad which was a mashed potato salad that day.
Main course time!
This one is the salmon and tuna bowl. You find salmon and tuna sashimi in cube, salad, rice, and some tasteless chips on top. You mix everything together and you enjoy it! The chef put many different sauces but I can't identify any of them. The sauces do not have a very strong taste either.

Sea bass grilled, served with vegetable salad, rice, some tomato sauce, and other sauces.
The name of this dish is 48 hour pork. Why? I'm guessing it takes 48 hours to cook it? hahaha give it a try!

1862 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, Quebec
(514) 937-2333

You can try to call to make reservations, but from what I remember, you can't reserve.. so if you simply want to give Kazu a try, go for lunch! You can try their food without having to wait for very long. The place is very small, but I really like the decor. It is very simple but the owner managed to put a lot of tables. There is an authentic japanese feel with a lot of wood everywhere. Kazu has a book menu but what you should really try are those specialities they write on paper and stick on the wall. The name may sound very simple, so just ask them what those dishes are! If I go back again, I won't forget to take some pictures of the restaurant!

Miss K

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