Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crêpe @Saint-Cinnamon

Who doesn't like crêpe? This delight is my favorite dessert =) The above pictures are a delicious crêpe that I highly recommend to all crêpe lovers. Saint Cinnamon is not a creperie, but they serve crêpe and I believe you all should give it a try! It might not be the BEST crêpe but it is no doubt a lot better than many dessert places. This one has some "elasticity" as it is not too dry and not too thin.

This Saint-Cinnamon where I enjoyed my banana and strawberry chocolate crêpe is found in Place Vertu, a shopping mall in St-Laurent, Quebec. The place is quite new and the staff are super friendly. I first ordered a berry crêpe but since the coffee shop does not use any frozen fruits, the person suggested me a simple banana strawberry one. Classic but it is the best combination!

Really, the crêpe itself was really good!! As they say it, "Cinnfully delicious"!! After a few hours of shopping, you want to sit down to enjoy a coffee and snack? Try to find Saint-Cinnamon! Yes yes, the cinnamon rolls and sticks are good, but don't forget the crêpe ; )

Miss K

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