Sunday, May 22, 2011


Another breakfast/brunch place like Chez Cora! What I present to you today is a relatively new restaurant: Cera's. The name comes from the first letter of the 4 owners: Caterina, Elia Chelsea, Rino Joshua and Antonio. The place used to be a bar so it's very different from Chez Cora. Perhaps because of its name and the type of restaurant that resemble enormously to Chez Cora, I can't stop comparing Cera's to Chez Cora. heheheh

My boyfriend and I went there on a Friday afternoon. The restaurant was very empty. I guess it's mainly because of its location. Everytime I go to Chez Cora, the place is always full (on the week-end) and half full (on weekdays).

Cera's offers a great variety of plates, including the usual breakfasts such as eggs and crepes, to pasta, fish, burgers and even pizza. At Cera's. the name of the dishes are names of cities and other known places, whereas at Chez Cora, you see mainly person's names. That day, I opted for a crepe-omelette, one of my favorite breakfast. Just like Chez Cora, the plates served are very colourful. =) My suisse cheese and muchroom crepe-omelette is served with Hollandaise sauce, potatoes and a cup of fresh fruits. The potatoes are clearly less tasteful than the ones from Chez Cora, and even the crepe-omelette served at Chez Cora is visibly more appetizing. Overall, although I prefer Chez Cora, this one was not bad. It is worth mentioning that Cera's mushrooms are the fresh ones, and not those from cans.
My boyfriend chose Le Big Ben, eggs benedicts with spinach and bacon served on an English muffin and Hollandaise sauce.
Taste was good but the eggs were slighly overcooked that day. Spinach and bacon is a new combination to me. They are actually not bad together!
This following picture is eggs benedits with spinach and suisse cheese from Chez Cora. The potatoes from Chez Cora are also more burnt so they are more crunchy. Their presentation of food are very similar, isn't it? But Chez Cora looks more meticulous =)
In both places, coffee is included and the waiters and waitresses are very friendly. Since Cera's and Chez Cora are so similar, I recommend Chez Cora. However, if one day, you want to have other choices of food that resemble to the ones from Chez Cora, Cera's is the place for you!

An online menu is available here:

6005, boul Henri-Bourassa Ouest
Montréal, QC,
H4R 1C4

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