Monday, May 16, 2011

Yummy sashimi @Kyoto

Hi all!

I'm super happy to have discovered a little gem that I must share with you in my area! This little restaurant is called Kyoto. (It is also the name of the city I want to visit the most in Japan after Hokkaido d= )

The owner of this place is Korean, but the japanese food I had there was very yummy!
Let's have a look at the restaurant.
Bamboo, Japanese folding screens (I checked on wikipedia, they are called Byōbu), pictures of sushi on the wall.. You see many japanese decorations. Nice little cozy place dominated by a zen ambiance!
These chopsticks are NOT the wood ones =) A little detail that seems insignificant, but when you eat with the wood chopsticks, it is just a little unpleasant.
Now, the plate I loved the most, the star of the night: Sashimi plate!

The pieces of every sashimi are very big. You taste the sweet freshness of every single piece!! One of the best sashimi you could find in Montreal is here, at Kyoto restaurant!
I particularly loved the squid sashimi. Rolled inside are red caviar and seaweed salad. From the texture to the taste, this combination is amazing!
Look! Unagi!! This is 3 pieces! Gigantic, isn't it?
We also ordered ika, a grilled squid. Not too dry, so I would say it was not bad.
Tempura soba. I do not know why it took a long time to get this dish, but it was worth it. The waiter asked my boyfriend and me if we wanted to share it so he could bring an extra bowl. We said yes, but I thought he would simply give us a bowl, an empty bowl. We ended up having 2 of these. =)
The soup broth was very light and tasty. Tempura soba is a very simple dish. All you have is soba, tempura flakes, seaweed, green onions in a tasty soup. Very simple but I loved it!
2 shrimp tempura were served aside. They are not small huh? =)

In the past, I have tried sushi from Kyoto once. I remember I really disliked the sushi rice, which I found was too sour and hard. Maybe that day was a bad day.. after I savoured the perfect sashimi, appetizing grilled squid and simple yet delicious tempura soba, I will give Kyoto a second chance for their sushi!

I believe quality-price at Kyoto is very reasonable, so I highly recommend this place to you, especially for the yummy sashimi!! Kyoto serves big pieces of fresh sashimi, which are better quality than those big and well-known japanese restaurants in Montreal, yet the little restaurant charges a slightly lower price. How can you not fall in love with Kyoto? d=

Here, you will find a brief presentation of Kyoto:
861 Blvd. Décarie
St-Laurent, QC
tel: 514.448.7874

I am so glad I discovered this little gem.. I can have fresh sashimi so often.. and even if I eat too much, I would not feel too bad about it since I can just exercise by walking home kekekek ; )

Miss K

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  1. lol Miss how come u said the same thing i told u haha... its the best sashimi plate ever! But the sushi roll are just okay! I give good recommendations =)