Thursday, May 26, 2011

My favorite food from Raku Izakaya

I miss sushi, I miss Raku, I miss the friendly people there too! Because of its location (in Brossard), I cannot visit the restaurant as often as I would like to. I haven't enjoyed any delights from Raku since my last end-of-semester busy final exams period.

This post is about nothing more than my favorites from Raku Izakaya =)

My #1 is... uni sushi!! It looks amazing, does it? Only those big sea urchins can "stand alone" on its own. Usually, uni sushi is presented in gunkan, meaning that a seaweed is wrapped around the sushi rice, forming a type of basket to contain the sea urchin. Raku Izakaya serves my uni sushi as a nigiri, sea urchin on top of the sushi rice. I was informed by the chef that only those high-quality sea urchin with a rich texture can be served as nigiri.. like this one! The sushi rice is also mixed with toasted nori (seaweed) to form the best uni sushi. I LOVE IT!
This one is Raku Prince. I am sorry I do not remember the ingredients inside the sushi roll, but on top of the maki are shrimps and mayonnaise. It looks and tastes a little like melted cheese. The pink sauce that forms a heart is strawberry syrup. Cute?

There is a Prince, so of course there is a Princess too! Yes, you guessed it right! This maki is named Raku Princess. Shrimp tempura, avocado, apple, cream cheese, caviar.. on top are "the princess fruits" strawberries, mayonnaise and tempura flakes. One of the secret ingredients listed is "sweety".. so maybe this is why, just like a princess, this maki roll tastes sweet! =)
It is sweet, but not too sweet to be considered as desserts. I like!
Have you tasted beef sashimi before? I have tried this cold appetizer in perhaps 10 restaurants..and Raku Izakaya's is so far the best. The beef used is filet mignon so it is tender, but in the same time, you have to chew it a few times, so it is not those difficult-to-accept raw meat texture.

What differentiates Raku's beef sashimi from the other ones is the sauce!! yummy tasty sauce! If I remember correctly, it is a mix of soya sauce, plum, lemon juice.. probably more than these 3 ingredients.. Worth a try!
Curry katsu pork with rice. The japanese curry is never too spicy and has a pleasant sweetness. From the presentation to the taste, this dish will satisfy you! Succulent!
If you are a follower of my food posts, you know I am a crazy sashimi fan! Chirashi is no doubt one of my favorite dish in the japanese cuisine. Chirashi is simply seafood sashimi on a bed of sushi rice. As I mentioned before, Raku Izakaya serves you a different chirashi everytime, by putting only the best seafood of the day. This one was fantastic! Sweet shrimp, slightly spicy tuna tartare, salmon, tamago (japanese omelet), seaweed salad, yellowtail, scallop... The only treasure missing was...sea urchin!
A plate of different sushi chosen by my boyfriend and me.
Starting from the row behind, from left: red snapper, smoked salmon, tsubugai (a type of clam), sea urchin (yes, it is the gunkan sea urchin sushi).
In front are big sweet shrimp and scallop.

Again, I highly recommend Raku Izakaya to all of you who are sushi lovers!! I know Raku has a lunch menu with much lower price. If you like to go on the week-end, you simply have to call them and you can enjoy yummy food at lower price during lunch hours (Yes!! lunch specials are available on Saturdays and Sundays at Raku Izakaya!!). Give it a try if you have time and tell me what you think ; )

Miss K

Raku Izakaya
8080 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec,
J4X 1C2
(450) 671-7386

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