Friday, May 6, 2011

Seacret nail care

Hi readers!

Today, I want to present Seacret to you. This brand has gradually entered the Canadian market these years. You can find one of their kiosks in almost every shopping mall.

Seacret offers an extensive line of beauty products. This brand is known for their use of the ancient salt and minerals from the Dead Sea. The cream, lotion, spa products are extracted from this rich reservoir of minerals. It is said that these extracts hydrate and are absorbed by your skin more efficiently.

The above set is Seacret's nail & body care that I received for my birthday from a friend. It includes a body lotion, a buffing block, cuticle oil and a nail file. The body lotion does not have a floral scent that I love, but it has a soft vanilla-like fragrance that reminds you last time you were enjoying a spa. The texture of the lotion is very smooth and silky soft.

The cuticle oil is not bad but I still prefer Sephora's cuticle oil for the fresh floral aroma and a brush-on cuticle oil is just more practical. But since the Seacret oil contains the rich and pure mineals from the Dead Sea, it should do its moisturizing job properly.

If you have very dry skin, Seacret products might be a solution for you. Seacret's collection of cosmetic products are nature-based so it should not do any harm to us. After all, the muds and minerals accumulated in the Dead Sea region for millions of years should be the richest ones, right?

Miss K

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