Sunday, May 29, 2011


Who says that food courts are bad? It is true that the chance of finding authentic food is very low, but to find some yummies there is definitely possible.

Since McGill is located in the center of downtown, I tend to have lunch in shopping malls' food courts very often. One of my favorite places is from Kimchi, a korean fast food.

The following is a Bibimbap in a fast food style. Bibimbap is one of the most popular dish in Korea where people mix rice, vegetables, meat (usually beef), a raw or cooked egg, with red chili pepper paste, sometimes served in a hot stone bowl. This dish is simple and delicious.

From fast food Kimchi, you find bean sprouts, carrots, raddish, omelet, chinese spinach, kimchi (korean style marinated spicy cabbage). Everything is cut into shreds and placed nicely in the bowl. You may choose to have a vegetarian Bibimbap or a regular one with chicken or beef. In any of the choices, you have a small container with sesame oil and another one with chili paste.

You agree with me that it looks very appetizing with all the bright colours in this dish?
Pour both the sesame oil and chili paste into the bowl. Don't be scared that it would be too spicy. Korean chili is not fully that spicy and has a sweetness. I guess the fast food is not targeting real Koreans, so the sauce is well adapted to everybody, thus really not spicy in my opinion.
Mix it and enjoy!
The taste of the chili paste is savory; all the veggies make every mouthful very "crunchy". A true (fast food) delight!

This Kimchi is situated in the big shopping mall in downtown, Eaton Center.

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