Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally, we can celebrate!

The other package I've been expecting was my swap package from a great gal from MUA.

I got Lippmann Collection's 10th Anniversary Set! Hooray!!!

The polishes are:
Superstar, a brown based glitter polish;
Funky chunky, black nail polish filled with hexagonal glitters (can't wait to try this on!;);
and Ruby Red Slippers, sheer black-based polish filled with red glitters and hexagonal glitters too!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cannot wait to try these polishes on. Especially Funky Chunky and Ruby Red Slippers. Superstar, I have tried on before and it just wasn't for me, unfortunately.

I will be swatching these soon, hopefully. I have been buried in assignments and group meeting for school. Sorry!

(MAC swatches will be coming soon too!)

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