Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOTD: OPI DS Mystery

Hey guys! Just finished my second week at U and I'm filled with homework already!!!!
But otherwise, I like my teachers (have my favorites already), met some very nice people and love that shops are so close-by! Haha

Anyways, today, I had one of OPI's newest from the Designer Series. It's called DS Mystery.
It is truly beautiful. It's base is a deep dark purple. It almost looks black in some light, but you can definitely tell in sunlight that there are some purple in there! Not a lot but still.... It's filled with tiny tiny gold flakes. Unlike the other DS, Mystery is not a holo but more glittery.

Do you see the purple?!?!?!?! I assure you that it's there...

This is in the shade so that you can see the glitters (click to enlarge picture). I love it.

Overall, I liked this polish, although I would have liked it to have more of the purple, because I loooove purple nail polish! Application was good. This was 2 coats. There is a little texture because of the glitters but a good coat of top coat smoothes it all out!

I think that's it for today.. gotta do some research on Canadian Tire for accounting... eurk.

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