Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shine On You Crazy Diamond...

Ah... you gotta love some Pink Floyd

I've had these swatches for a while now. Both polishes I'm going to show you are pretty similar and both remind me of this song, so I've decided to put them in one single post. Enjoy!

First one is OPI DS Coronation, a silver-based holo

This was 3 coats, picture taken in sunlight. Beautiful, ain't it?

Taken in shade

Next up, OPI DS Shimmer

Taken in sunlight, 2 coats

Like most other polishes from the Designer Series, these two are holos. DS Coronation is a silver-based holo while DS Shimmer is a clear-based holo. Application of both were great and the formula was very smooth. I don't think DS Coronation is as coveted as DS Glamour or DS Fantasy (to name a few) so they are less hard to find.

I personally prefer DS Coronation to DS Shimmer, since it is more "opaque". Shimmer is sheer which would be great for layering. I've tried Shimmer with 3 coats and the result was similar to the 2 coats picture. Also, in the bottle, it seems like there are little silver flakes in Coronation, which I find so pretty. It's definitely pretty not only on the nails but also in the bottle :)

Enlarge pictures to see holo effect!

That's all I have for now! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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