Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of + Mega haul

I just had my first day of classes at McGill University today and even though I only had 2 classes, it wasn’t half bad. The teachers were funny and the other students seem cool! I say seem because I didn’t actually talk to many of them... My shyness is definitely something I have to get over someday if I want to succeed in marketing. Someday, I said.
I kinda felt weird and lonely, somehow. It doesn’t normally bother me, but today, I was ready to meet new people and super excited to start at McGill... I found myself sitting and looking at the teacher who was talking on the telephone and trying to figure out how the projector worked while people around me introduced themselves to each other. I mean, I wasn’t the only one not presenting myself to a future friend but I felt trapped (in my little lonely Asian bubble).
Anyways, back to school is never easy... so since I finished early today, I decided to stop by the mall and pass by Trade Secrets.. What for? Well, well, surprise, surprise, NAIL POLISH! To comfort myself (wink) I decided do a mega nail polish haul. Okay... it was more an impulse buy but I doubt I’ll regret it. The more (polishes added to my stash) the merrier! I think that’s how the saying goes, right?
Here’s what I got:

The complete Suede collection, one from the Designer Series and two from the Spain Collection

The complete Suede collection (from l-r) : Russian Navy, Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, We'll Always have Paris, Lincoln Park After Dark, Ink and You Don't Know Jacques!
Here's a closer look:

Left to right: Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, Ink, Russian Navy

We'll Always Have Paris, You Don't Know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark

Pamplona Purple, Can You Tapas This?, DS Mystery

Also, the previous day, I met up with my cousin before she left with her boyfriend for a 7 months-around-the-world-backpack-trip (I really gonna miss her) and had already bought 3 MAC polishes from the new collection.

Dance All Night, Beyond Jealous and Cool Reserve

Ouch! Wallet’s gonna hurt! I really need to find a job ASAP!
Swatches to come on Friday! :)
Have a fun week!

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