Thursday, September 3, 2009

Essie Fall Collection

Hello, there!

Essie has finally released their fall collection!

The colors are (in Essie's words):

Chinchilly, a granite gray;
Angora Cardi, a deep dusty rose;
Mink Muffs, a smoky plush taupe;
Midnight Cami, shimmering twilight blue;
Bright Tights, electric orange burst (NEON!!!) and
Pink Parka, piping hot pink.

Two neons, guys!! For fall!! So cool!

Anyways, I am definitely getting (and I am basing this on the color on the picture) Angora Cardi, Chinchilly and Pink Parka!!
What do you think about these (,Kelly?)

You can get them here or from etailers!


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