Friday, September 4, 2009

OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009

Ok guys,

I spend my day swatching OPI's Suede Collection.. honestly, I don't think I will ever swatch 6 bottles of nail polish ever again! You'll probably see in the pictures where I got tired of it -- application was pretty sloppy and I didn't even bother putting oil on my cuticles.... Sorry! As much as I love polish, 6=too much!!!!
Also, I promise my cuticles don't look as bad in real life :) (That's why I posted small pictures but feel free to click to see some huge a** pics).

On to the collection. This collection is made of six classic OPI shades in a suede finish which means that it's not as matte as the Mattes. More like satiny. Application was wonderful. The formula was smooth and it didn't dry as quickly as the OPI mattes which means that it's more forgiving.

They say you can't use basecoat with these but just ignore that. As long as your basecoat is dry before applying the Suedes, it'll be fine.

Ok let's start. (enlarge pictures to see shimmer in these)

You Don't Know Jacques Suede. The original came out in the France Collection last year. There is also a matte version that was released recently. None of them look-a-like. I don't have the matte version but do have the original. Here's a comparison:

From left to right: YDKJ, YDKJ with Essie Matte Top Coat, YDKJ Suede and YDKJ suede with top coat.

Next up is Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, originally from Chicago Collection. This looks nothing like the original, but it's still gorgeous! Purple with a lot of shimmer

LPAD, LPAD with Essie Matte TC, LPAD suede and LPAD suede with top coat.

Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees Suede, originally from Spain Collection. Very pretty. The original was supposed to be a dark smoky blue but in Suede, it's more charcoal grey.

Here: SSITP suede with top coat, SSITP suede, SSITP with Essie Matte TC, SSITP

We'll Always Have Paris Suede, also originally from the France collection. Pinkish purple with a lot of shimmer! Love this one.

On index and ring finger is WAHP Suede with top coat.

Next is where things got ugly--application and cuticle wise. Prepare yourselves.

OPI Ink Suede. Originally from Night Brights Collection. This is more purple in real life.

On index and ring fingers: Ink suede with top coat.

Last, is Russian Navy Suede. The original was from Russian Collection. Beautiful blue shimmer. A lot less dark than the matte, and more blue too.

from left to right: RN Suede with top coat, RN Suede, RN Matte with top coat and RN matte.

Most of these are nothing like their other versions. Overall, I really liked these-very pretty. Also, the Suedes with top coat is even more gorgeous. The shimmer you see with the suede finish is pretty good but with TC, Hello, Sparkle!
The shades are very nice but since they're so different than the originals, I would have preferred another name... It's getting kinda confusing Russian Navy, Russian Navy matte, Russian Navy Suede... Too many with the same name. That is propably my only problem/complain about this collection.

These are available now in most beauty store or from TransDesign!

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