Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I don't want to be an asshole but..."

Like I told you in the last post, I went to Kings of Leon's concert in Montreal.
They played in front of some 8,500 people (that includes my cousin and I) and it was GREAT!

They came on stage with Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem playing, which I though was super cool. Then they jumped right into Closer, from their newest CD Only by the Night. I couldn't have asked for anything better: Closer is MY song. I LOVE it. So dark and sexy, lol. The Followill brothers and their cousin followed it by playing Crawl, another from their newest album.

Despite the good performances, I have to say that the show didn't start off with a bang. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but the first few songs didn't get all of the crowd on their feet-and it didn't go unnoticed. After the fourth song, Caleb, the singer, called the people who were still sitting out (yes, I admit, I was one of them) by saying: "I don't want to be an asshole, but I have never spent a whole night at a concert sitting" - or something like that. Needless to say that everybody was on their feet after that.

After that, it was singing, cheering, clapping, and pot smoking (not by me, though).

They mostly played songs from their most recent albums Only by the Night and Because of the Times; and only a few from their previous 2 cds.

Sex on Fire was THE song of the night and really got everybody singing. It was amazing! I started to record a video but had to give the camera to my cousin because I wanted to sing and move along to the song.

In the middle of the show, Caleb gave a speech about those who had talked shit about the band because they "went mainstream" and basically told them to "kiss my ass". He said that they have been, are and always will be Kings of Leon. Love it!

During the 4-song encore (and before Use Somebody), he gave another mini speech, saying a big "F- you" to all those people in the front row (he actually referred to them using a bad bad word starting with M) who jsut sat, talked and laughed during the show.

Kings of Leon definitely gave us Montrealers a great rock show. The play of lights (?, in French: jeu de lumières)was amazing, too! I wish they could have "talked" to us more but I can't complain much, because they sounded soooo great live.

I'm so glad I went to the show, despite that it was on a Wednesday night and I had school at 8h30am the next day.

Anyways, to finish off, here are a few more pics that I was able to take between all the clapping, cheering, jumping and singing.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, don't miss it!!!! You won't regret it!

Also, here's a link to my video of Sex on Fire from last night's show

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